Ulli Rief

Ski school manager - hut manager - mountain & ski guide

*8. Mai 1963 ✞ 24. April 2023

Infinitely sad,
that we no longer have Ulli with us,
no longer hear his laughter,
no longer feel his enthusiasm,
can no longer enjoy his closeness, 
no longer hear his voice...

Nothing is as it was,
... nothing will ever be the same again.

And yet we have decided to do it,
Ulli's adventure ski school,
Ulli's life's work, ... his ski school,
which has had a permanent place in Tannheim since 1997,
once again this winter.

I will live 
as long as your heart beats 
I will live 
as long as I have a place 
place in your heart 
I will live 
as long as in your face 
a smile appears on your face, 
when you think of me 

If you are looking for me 
then look for me in your hearts If you find me there 
then I will live on in you

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