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Children's world

Children and teens

Learning according to the special ski technique developed for children and teens with modern aids and our own children's slopes for the smallest from 2-5 years and the new EisZeit Children's Adventure Land.

Ropes, tyres, fun noodles, conveyor belts for entertaining children's lessons that have variety too. Big Foot Days and a ski race with a great prize-awarding-ceremony as a highlight.


There is plenty of value for money for the smallest too, in morning lessons the smallest from about 2 years onwards can take their first steps and make their first ski moves at Frostys Snowmanland with a conveyor belt directly in front of the ski school office. Of course we also have breaks with the children where they all receive a drink and something to eat before continuing on practicing in a playful way.

The children receive a medal and a certificate at the end.

Frosty - our Ski School Mascot

Frosty has been accompanying us here at the ski school every winter for years now. Frosty - in Frostyland - 4 m tall, the skiing Frosty on the slope, the dancing Frosty, who dances with the children in the morning to the Frosty-song, Frosty as a teddy-snowman large or small, our Frosty-Ski school song, and lots more.

Ice AGe-Children's Adventure Land

In the Ice Age-Children's Adventure Land there's a conveyor belt which is 123 m long, ideal for beginners; in addition there are great figures, such as the large mammoth, Tanni - the squirrel, Marcauchenia - the primitive trunked animal, the mighty sabre-tooth-tiger, and the cave bear - in short, a nice distraction on the slope.

The smallest (2 to 4 years) are instructed on our own children's slopes, the Frosty Snowman Land with two conveyor belts (12 m and 21 m), on a half daily basis.

Frosty's Snowman Land


  • directly in front of the ski school
  • integrated in the playground
  • special conveyor belt (12 m) by Sunkid
  • special conveyor belt (21 m) by Sunkid
  • secured and fenced snow hill
  • certified kids snow sports instructor (in our Snowman Land there are 4 children for 1 instructor on average)

Learning to ski with aids Children's ski race prize awarding ceremony Kinderwelt Learning to ski in a fun way

Frosties play and practice lawn


This area which is especially for the smallest is directly in front of the office at the children's playground. Here we have got our own conveyor belts (12 m and 21 m) especially for the smallest children from 2 - 5 years. Here safely away from the other skiers they can make their first moves on the snow in a playful fashion.

Children's conveyor belt


Our small children's conveyor belt is on our purposely built children's area especially for the smallest children from 2-5 years, and is directly in front of our ski school office at the playground.

Frosty Children's Taxi


OurPolaris Quad with children's trailer brings the children's groups from Frostyland to the Ice Age Adventure Land. A nice little trip that the kids enjoy every day.

Lunch care


Every day you can avail of the children's supervision at midday. The children go with the ski teachers to have lunch in a hotel or a restaurant. Here they get their food and a drink and are supervised at the same time. Afterwards they return to the slopes with their ski teachers.

Ski races

The crowning and highlight of every week are the various ski races. The small ones prove their abilities on our own children's slopes, there's a ski race in the Ice Age Land, and those who are already well trained have their final race on the Ressebichl slope.

In other words, everyone has the opportunity to participate at a race! Of course everyone also receives a nice medal and certificate after the final race.



Each child is allocated to the appropriate group
The smallest (2 to 4 years) are instructed on our own children's slope with two conveyor belts for a half day.

The small children (from 4 to 5 years)can begin with a half or full-day course on our own children's slopes and then progress to the Ice Age-Children's Adventure Land for further progress.

The Juniors are arranged into groups from 6 - 8 years and 9 - 12 years according to their ability and already begin in the EisZeit Adventure Land.

Even for teens (from 13 - 17 years) we have developed a special programme tailored to their requirements. Slopestyle, Fun Park, Free Ride, Off-slope, Big Foot, New School and Skifox are but a few of the many things we can offer our young skiers.

Everyone gets their money's worth in groups allocated according to age. Lots of success and fun at the same time!!!

Course times:
Monday to Friday from 09.45 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1.15 to 3.30 p.m.

Meeting point for the first day:
at our collection point directly in front of the ski school office at 9.45 a.m.

Courses begin every Sunday and Monday, you can also join in during the week, Children's trial course every Saturday and Sunday.

Learning to ski in the Children's Adventure Land Learning to ski in a fun way Children on the children's conveyor belt Our mascot Frosty